Jun 28, 2009

Wood Sculptures of Livio De Marchi

Livio De Marchi is a great artist with a sense of humor. Don't believe me? Take a look at these pictures of his creations. He is the only man who drives a car in Venice. The artist's has sculpted a full size Ferrari F50 boat out of wood. It floats on water, enabling him to drive around the many canals in his home town of Venice, much to the delight of tourists and locals.


Born in Venice, Livio De Marchi worked on ornamental sculpture in the Venetian tradition in the workshop of a crafting and in the meantime he studied art and drawing at the "Accademia di Belle Arti" in Venice. His other large works include floating hat in origami style, floating woman's show, floating jaguar 1937, house of books, floating volkswagen Beetle convertible and floating pumpkin coach with 4 horses.

Take a look at the pictures. Amazing creations. Aren't they? In the end, don't forget to watch the video!

 Wood Sculptures8





Wood Sculptures4

Wood Sculptures6

Wood Sculptures7

Wood Sculptures9

Wood Sculptures16

Wood Sculptures15

Wood Sculptures14

Wood Sculptures19

Wood Sculptures18

Wood Sculptures20

Wood Sculptures21

Also, take a watch a nice video:

via: Livio De Marchi's Website http://www.liviodemarchi.com


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