Jan 3, 2009

Fake Facebook Profile of Guyana President

Facebook Logo
Bharrat Jagdeo, the president of Guyana has got an imposter on popular social networking site Facebook! The fake Bharrat Jagdeo Facebook profile has more than 170 supporters, and features images of the president as well as his biography. Now, the Guyana government has issued a statement to clarify that it was not the real president. And the real president of the South American nation has asked police to investigate the matter and find out who is actually impersonating him.

Bharrat Jagdeo
According to BBC, the Facebook profile of president Jagdeo has two photo albums, one of a well-known bridge in Guyana, the Berbice, and the other of international leaders, some with the president. Interestingly, the Guyana government also said that it's officials discovered that someone had impersonated the president on another social networking site. So, what's the matter? Why people are using Bharrat Jagdeo's name? Only time will tell, when investigators will be able to locate the imposter.


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