Jan 5, 2009

Two sets of Black and White Twins

Two sets of Black and White Twins
The amazing black and white family: Parents Alison and Dean with (from left) Hayleigh holding Leah, and Lauren holding Miya

A mixed-race British couple have defied the odds by giving birth to black and white twins, not once, but twice. In 2001, Dean Durrant and Alison Spoonder welcomed their first set of black and white twins, two healthy baby girls. Now, after 7 years, the 27-year-old mother has given birth to a second set of twins with different coloured skin. Both sets of twins are fraternal rather than identical. Which means they are the product of two separately fertilized eggs.

The twins were born prematurely in November in Frimley, southern England, and spent several weeks in the hospital. However, both girls were born healthy, with Miya weighing 4lb lloz and Leah 5lb 10oz.They are now at home with their parents in Fleet, 40 miles (60 kilometers) southwest of London.

It is rare enough for two sets of twins to be born to the same parents, but the chances of them inheriting different skin and hair colour from their mother and father are just two in a million.

Watch a video:

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