Jan 30, 2009

First Commercially Cloned Dog


A couple in Florida is now the proud owner of the World's first commercially cloned dog. The Boca Raton couple have had their pet dog cloned, after it died from cancer.  On Monday,  January 26th, Lancey was hand delivered to the Ottos by Lou Hawthorne, chairman of BioArts International, a California based biotechnology company.  It is reported that the couple paid  $155,000 to the California firm for the clone of their pet dog.

Edgar and Nina Otto thought about cloning Sir Lancelot, their pet dog, about five years ago. Sir Lancelot died from a type of cancer last year. So, it was a good time to get the clone. Sir Lancelot's DNA sample was sent to the Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in Seoul, South Korea, which provides cloning services to BioArts. Researchers in Seoul put Sir Lancelot's DNA into an egg, and Lancey was born November 18, 2008.

The Ottos were one of five families to bid and win a BioArts auction for a chance to clone their pet dog, according to a BioArts press release. Lancey is the world's first commercially cloned dog and the Ottos are the first of six current clients to receive their clone from BioArts.


Daniel said...

How utterly absurd and selfish. All kinds of dogs in shelters and people out on the street with no jobs and these self-centered twits clone a freakin' dog!

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