Feb 5, 2009

Laser Hair Removal Instructional DVD


Aesthetic VideoSource has released a new instructional DVD on laser hair removal. The title of the DVD is "The Complete Guide to Laser Hair Removal" and it is for the professionals only. This 1 hour 44 minute long DVD features two physicians — Christine Whitelaw, M.D., and Mark B. Taylor, M.D., who nicely explains how to perform laser hair removal on different parts of the body such as the face, underarms, back, bikini area, and legs.

The DVD also contains procedural demonstrations on male and female models. The demonstrations are performed with the help of both IPL and a combined Alexandrite/YAG laser machine. The DVD also discusses different related topics such as laser options, benefits and contraindications, hair growth cycle, treatment regimens, and procedure guidelines.

Want to get a copy of "The Complete Guide to Laser Hair Removal" DVD? You can order it by calling 1-800-414-2434 or visiting www.VideoShelf.com. The price is just $175.00 (plus shipping cost). Go and get it today and learn how to perform common laser hair removal treatments in different parts of the body.

Note: This product is just for the professionals involved in salon and beauty industry.


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