Feb 20, 2009

Oscar Winners List Leaked?

The Oscar Winners list leaked! A document containing the signature of Sid Ganis, president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences first appeared in a blog. The list stated that the ceremony, scheduled for Sunday, will see Mickey Rourke (best actor), Kate Winslet (best actress), Heath Ledger (best supporting actor) and Amy Adams (best supporting actress) as the winners. The paper also shows that British filmmaker Danny Boyle will be handed the best director award trophy, and his film “Slumdog Millionaire” will be named best picture.

Well, the Academy has dismissed the list as nothing more than a hoax and insisted the votes are still being counted.. Oscar spokeswoman Leslie Unger said: “The document is a complete fraud".

So, what you think about the list? Is it genuine? Off course it is not. But, what about the winners? are they really going to get the trophies on the big day? In my view at least some of them will. Take a look at the Oscar Winners list:


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