Feb 5, 2009

Personalised Coffins!


Now, one can easily design their own personalised coffin or choose from a range of stylish designs. Thanks to LifeArt, an Australian company, who has recently launched a personalized range of environmentally friendly coffins. LifeArt offers families the option of personalizing a design by adding words that reflect and celebrate their loved ones character. This is really and interesting idea to make the final goodbye a little more personal. Isn't it?

Some of their designs features nice images such as a woodland glade, an open road, Sydney Harbour Bridge, a surfer catching a wave or a cowboy riding off into the sunset.

LifeArt coffins are manufactured from enviroboard, a form of cardboard, which meets the standards required by the funeral industry for either cremation or burial. So, customers don't have to worry about environmental factor.

More info:  www.lifeart.com.au


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