Aug 2, 2007

Gary McKinnon appeals to the House of Lords

Gary McKinnon, the ex-systems administrator accused of conducting the biggest military hack of all time, has got a chance to appeal in front of the House of Lords.

The US wants him to face trial in the US for the hacking incident and so far every court in the UK has backed his extradition. According to news, McKinnon has a chance before the House of Lords, which is the highest court in Blighty, to stop the extradition.

So far McKinnon and legal team have attempted to convince the courts that the US authorities acted in an "oppressive" manner to secure his removal from the UK.

He said that since the alleged offences took place in the UK, he should stand trial in Blighty. In their last hearing his lawyers claimed that under human rights law he had a right to be tried in the UK.

They said that US investigators attempted to force him to accept secret plea bargain by threatening him with a long prison sentence if he did not collaborate.


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