Aug 11, 2007

UFO Video

Have you ever seen any UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)? Take a look at this video! This video is an exceprt from the original documentary "UFO Greatest Story Ever Denied". It shows some amazing footage of UFOs in space.

The Director of "UFO Greatest Story Ever Denied", Jose Escamilla himself is a discoverer of rod shapped unidentified flying objects in the atmosphere. He has captured many footage of these unidentified flying objects on video camera. Escamilla has worked also as film and video editor for over 20 years. So, there is little doubt about the quality of his video!

"UFO Greatest Story Ever Denied" is considered as one of the best UFO documentaries. So, don't be upset for not having a real life encounter with UFO! Just watch this excerpt video or the original one. You will definitily love it!


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