Apr 8, 2008

Pizza.com sold for $2.6 Million

How much you will pay for a domain name? The pizza.com domain has been sold by an American for $2.6m on an online auction. Can you believe this? Believe it! Chris Clark (43) from Maryland sold his domain name "pizza.com" to an unnamed bidder. Chris Clark registered the domain in 1994 and spent $20 annually to keep it. But when he saw, 'vodka.com' going for a phenomenal $3 million, he decided to sell it. He posted a "for sale" notice for the domain on the site. When he received six-figure offers, he decided to contact Sedo, an online auctioneer of domain names.

The first bid was for $100 on March 27 and interest grew in intensity as bidding passed the $2 million mark, which Clark had set as his lowest price for the domain. It hit $2.6 million last week.

Pizza.com isn't the most costly domain site ever sold, but it is in the top ranks. While most sites considered valuable enough to be auctioned sell for around $2,000, Sex.com sold for $12 million in cash and stock and Fund.com sold for $10 million.


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