Apr 10, 2008

World's First Six-way Kidney Transplant

A medical team with more than 100 doctors have carried out the world's first simultaneous six-way kidney transplant at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland. On Tuesday, hospital officials announced this news.

The transplants conducted Saturday were made possible when a so-called altruistic donor, who was willing to donate to anyone, was found to be a match for one of six transplant candidates. Five of the candidates had a willing donor whose kidney was incompatible with their particular friend or relative, but a match for another of the six.

The 10-hour mass transplant required six operating rooms and nine surgical teams working on 12 patients. The surgery is performed simultaneously to ensure none of the donors backs out after their loved one has received a kidney.

Robert Montgomery, head of the transplant center, said: "All 12 are doing great, the six transplanted kidneys are working well."


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