Apr 3, 2008

Lung Cancer Gene Discovered

Researchers have found the genes that may explain why some smokers get cancer and others do not, and why some people who never smoke also get the disease. Three independent research teams in the United States, France and Iceland analyzed the DNA of thousands of white smokers and non-smokers of European descent,with and without lung cancer. They identified three genetic variants that if inherited, increase a person's risk of developing lung cancer from 30 to 80 percent compared to those who do not have the genes.

While cigarette smoking is considered the number one risk factor for lung cancer, only fifteen percent of smokers eventually develops the disease, leading doctors to suspect genetics. Mark Lathrop, co-author of one of the three studies, says it appears many more genes play a role in lung cancer but have yet to be identified.

This new finding can lead to development of new drugs to treat and possibly prevent lung cancer. Link


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