Apr 9, 2008

Man regains Eyesight after 66 years

Eyesight after 66 years! Surgeons have restored the sight of a man who was blinded in one eye since last 66 years. John Gray, 87, was injured during a bombing raid on Clydeside and was told he would never again see through his right eye.

As the years went by a friend's son, Frank Munro, qualified as an optometrist and began to see John for check-ups. He realised that John's retina was healthy - all the damage was to the lens. But it was too risky to attempt an operation - the part of John's brain that 'sees' through that eye hadn't been used for decades and might have become redundant.

Then, in 2007, he developed Macular Degeneration in his healthy left eye. Frank had to break the news that he would gradually lose his sight in his left eye until he was totally blind.

Now, the Southern General Hospital's eye surgeon Dr Ian Bryce removed John's scar tissue and inserted a new artificial lens in his right eye. At first it was blurred but now John's vision is good enough to read small print.

The 87-year-old is delighted as he can see now. He said that both his optometrist and his surgeon deserve a knighthood.


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