Jan 31, 2008

Failed record attempt by Croatian Smurfs

A total of 395 Croatian people painted themselves blue and put on silly hats to beat a World Record for the most Smurfs in one place. But, it was too late for them! When they contacted Guinness officials to register their world record, they were told "sorry - too late". They had been beaten by an English group in Warwick.

A spokesman for the event organisers said: "We read on the internet that the record was 290 people held by a group of Americans, and decided to beat it, and we had TV, radio and print media report our success."

The current record for most Smurfs in one place, according to Guinness World Records, is 451 people set by Warwick University Students' Union last year.


Anonymous said...

we beat record today with 533 smurfs!

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