Jan 23, 2008

Leg of Douglas Bader, up for auction!

A leg, up for sale! Sounds strange? Second World War hero Douglas Bader's prosthetic leg is to be sold at an auction. Douglas Bader became a hero during the Second World War and continued to fly for the RAF despite losing both legs in a plane crash.

The leg is one of 43 items belonging to Douglas Bader. Phillip Knapper, from the auction house, said he expected Bader's memorabilia, including Red Cross parcels sent to him in Colditz Castle as well as his mess bill, to exceed £100,000. His Alvis car from the 1960s is expected to fetch another £60,000.

Mr Knapper said he had already had interest from Singapore and Hong Kong for the items. He described the vendor as a man in his 80s from Lincolnshire. He bought the items from the daughter of Bader's mess sergeant at RAF Duxford. Link


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