Jan 26, 2008

World's biggest police chase!

The World's biggest police chase, with more than 2,000 police, 460 police cars and one helicopter took place in Osaka, Japan. Wait, it was just for a single man! Hirofumi Fukuda, 27, became a wanted man after assaulting several police officers. So police started chasing him.

It started when police received an emergency call saying that a car was driving recklessly, ignoring traffic lights. When a patrol car approached the vehicle in question, it took off. Police were mobilised throughout the area and a helicopter called in to catch the man. The chase ended when Fukuda's car crashed into a bridge column. He suffered minor injuries but no one else was injured in the chase.

The two-hour long chase involved 2,240 police officers, turning it into one of the world's biggest police chases. Link


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