Jan 30, 2008

The Blind Wildlife Photographer

Alison Bartlett is a highly-acclaimed wildlife photographer, even though she is completely blind. We know that it is strange to hear! Take a look at the photograph, taken by Alison. The 51-year-old "sees" with her ears and listens out for the rustling in trees and grass to snap wildlife. Now her animal pictures will be exhibited in a New Milton exhibition, next month.

Alison was a horse riding instructor. She began to lose her sight in 1979 due to diabetes and it went completely in 1992. But she retained her passion for photography and wildlife. Alison is also helped out by a friend who accompanies her on shoots and points her towards the creatures using clock directions, such as "bird at two o'clock".

She has developed such an acute sense of hearing and can pick up the sound of a bird's wings flapping or a squirrel nibbling before homing in on them with her camera. Link


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