Jan 25, 2008

Evidence of life on Mars!

Life is there in planet Mars! Atleast this image tells that. This image was taken by NASA’s Spirit Rover when the spacecraft landed on Mars in January 2004. In the image you can see what appears to resemble a figure walking among the planet’s rocks.

Unnoticed by NASA and virtually invisible to the naked eye, the blurry image comes to life only when highly magnified. Some space-watchers believe that it is an evidence of an alien presence.

We think that, the shape is more likely a rock or a shadow. What you say?


TIm said...

"...What would happen to the state of mind of America's press if Allah (God) orders the Blacks on Mars to show themselves? Yes, Blacks!"—from the book "Closing the Gap: Inner Views of the Heart, Mind, & Soul of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan", pg. 233

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