Jan 25, 2008

Model of SpaceShipTwo unveiled

On Wednesday, British billionaire Richard Branson and the aerospace designer Burt Rutan unveiled a model of the SpaceShipTwo, the vehicle they hope will be able to take passengers on space rides. It will be able to carry six passengers and two crew members into the space. The test flights of this spaceship will begin this year.

Speaking to reporters at the American Museum of Natural History, Branson also showed off a model of the big, four-engine jet that will help launch the craft into space. The twin-fuselage airplane, called the White Knight Two, will carry SpaceShipTwo high into the sky beneath it's140-foot long wing. The spacecraft would then separate from the plane and rocket into suborbital space. SpaceShipTwo passengers would get about 4 1/2 minutes of zero-gravity time before returning to earth. Link


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