Nov 2, 2008

Catching Fish on a Pipe, without Bait!

Balanced Angling
Angling is a popular hobby among people around the world. I am sure that you have seen various people using various techniques to catch fish. But, did you ever heard about people catching fish while balancing on a narrow pipe high above a river? I don't think that you have seen or heard about something like that before? Did you?

Take a look at the picture above. This man is not posing for any stunt movie scene, but catching fish while balancing on the narrow pipe. People who gathered around Tuoban Bridge, in Nanjing, were amazed to see the technique used by this man, reports Modern Express.

A daredevil angler who fishes without any bait. he just drops the hook into the water and catches fish. Within half an hour, he had already caught four fish, without using any bait. Responding to concerns about his safety, he added: "I have a good sense of balance. And anyway, I'm a good swimmer!"


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