Nov 25, 2008

TV station sued for filming Woman as Obese

woman sues tv station
A TV station in Croatia is facing a £10,000 lawsuit after filming a passer-by on the street for a television documentary about obese people. Gordana Knezic, the 40-years-old woman, as reported by Ananova, said that she had no idea when Croatian station HTV were filming her as she was busy in shopping in the capital Zagreb. She realized it only after she saw herself on the television.

The television program described the lady as an example of overweight person. This is really a serious matter, as every human begin has their own dignity and rights.

It is reported that HTV already apologized for the incident, after the woman took the matter to the court. But Ms Knezic is said she would still be taking them to court, as it is a matter of human dignity. In my view, she is right. What you say?

Ms Knezic said:

"It was terrible. An apology is not enough. I want to make a point with this legal case. I want to show that attacks on human dignity like this cannot be tolerated."


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