Nov 12, 2008

Two kids with a collection of 7,500 Conkers

7,500 conkers
Two brothers in Basingstoke, Hampshire, are busy in collecting lots and lots of conkers, in a hope to get a place in the Guiness Book of World Records. Mason and Jordan Latter, aged 10 and nine, have already collected 7,500 conkers and it took them only about two weeks. Take a look at the picture above.

According to Telegraph, the conkers were originally kept in bags of 500 inside the family home. But, as the numbers grew, the odd collection had to be moved into the garden. Some of their friends also helped the boys in collecting the conkers.

Matt, 39, the father of the boys said: "Every year the boys try and collect as many as they can but this year they decided to try and collect 1,000. Then when they had 1,000 they wanted 2,000 and it just went on like that. As the collection grew they looked at the Guiness World Records and saw that there was no record for the largest conker collection. That gave them the impetus to get more and more."

Well, according to Damian Field, a spokesman of Guiness World Records, currently there is no category for 'largest conker collection.' But, he encouraged the boys to apply through the website of Guiness World Records, so that the record management team can make a decision. We hope that the boys will get a name in the record book, for their hard work! What you think?



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