Nov 2, 2008

An Egg inside an Egg!

An egg inside an egg!
A chicken at Yokaichi-Minami Senior High School in Higashiomi, Shiga Prefecture, laid a giant egg in October. When the shell of the egg was removed, the teachers in the school found a medium-sized egg inside it. An egg inside an egg! Can you believe this?

The giant egg was reportedly 8.1 cm long and weighed 158 grams, which is about double the weight of an ordinary chicken egg. Due to it's size, soon it became the center attraction and the news appeared in local and national newspaper.

But, when teachers removed the shell, the real story of the giant egg began to unfold! The medium-sized egg appeared along with the yolk and white. Now, the hot topic in the school is whether another small egg is there inside the second one?


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