Nov 19, 2008

Rs.10,000 for Four Samosas!

Rs.10,000 for Four Samosas!
Indian people often want to cheat the tourists coming from foreign countries. It is proved once again by a hawker in Bihar, who charged a Dutch couple $204 (about Rs. 10,000) for four Samosas, a popular Indian snack. Can you believe this? In India a samosa hardly costs more than $0.10 and the hawker demanded $51 per piece! This happens only in India.

How all this happened? The Dutch couple were roaming around the Sonepur cattle fair in India's Bihar state when they got hungry and ordered the four samosas from the hawker. But the local hawker wanted to earn some money and insisted in broken English that the samosas were specially made of Indian herbs and had aphrodisiac qualities. After a heated argument, the couple paid the money. Later, they sought help from the local police and the hawker returned Rs. 9,990 ($203.87).

This is India! If your are planning to visit India, beware of such people.

via BBC:


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