Nov 15, 2008

Double-decker Graves necessary

Double-decker Graves
According to a report by the Daily Telegraph, there is a shortage of burial space in Britain and in 30 years, all burial space in England and Wales will be full. So, how to accommodate new burials? To tackle this problem, the authorities in Britain came up with an odd scheme - double-decker graves.

Yes, now human remains will be dug up and re-buried deeper to allow new coffins above. This decision was announced yesterday. This controversial move follows a Government research which found that cemeteries and graveyards will be full within 30 years.

Under the scheme, remains in old graves will be exhumed and re-buried at a deeper level in a smaller container or casket. A new coffin could then be lowered into the original space and the name of the newly-buried person could even be added to the headstone.

Tim Morris, the chief executive of the Institute of Cemeteries and Crematorium Management, says that only graves more than 100 years old that are no longer visited will be considered for the scheme.

Though it seems like inappropriate, we must admit that it is a necessary evil in the present scenario of industrialization and growing population.



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