Nov 26, 2007

Five star treat for the Monkeys

A five star treat for the Monkeys! The town of Lopburi in Thailand celebrated its annual Monkey Festival over the weekend, laying out a lavish banquet for the more than 2,000 macaques that roam freely through it.

Locals believe that providing food for the monkeys, Lopburi's most famous residents, brings good fortune and prosperity. The feast is also a sort of "thank you" for the animals whose antics entice thousands of tourists to the town every year.

Twenty chefs from some of Bangkok's top hotels prepared the feast for the primates at the downtown San Pra Kan shrine. Two tonnes of grilled sausage, fresh fruit, vegetables, ice cream, milk and jelly were used for the feast. The treat cost more than 500,000 baht ($15,000). Link


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