Nov 7, 2007

Student sues college for being attacked by leech

A tourism student has sued his college for being attacked by blood-sucking leeches on a field trip through dangerous jungle of Sri Lanka. James Sheridan Sheridan, 50, claimed he and other tourism students were covered in the black leeches on two jungle treks, in 2001, after they were forced to walk barefoot.

They were taken on a coach trip and ended up in the Sinharaja Rainforest in Sri Lanka. But instead of getting an expert guide on the day of the jungle field trip, Mr Sheridan said they were led by the assistant bus driver and "a local child" they picked up on the way.

Mr Sheridan said: "It is inhabited by rabid monkeys, bats, big cats and millions of blood-sucking leeches. Because the forest route goes over ground regarded as holy we had to take out socks and shoes off. We were all bitten by leeches and one of the girls was screaming after finding them on her leg."

Mr Sheridan claims he was left suffering from malaria-like feverishness, sleeplessness, excessive sweating and lethargy in the six years since the adventure trip. He also claimed that it has made it very difficult for him to find a job.

But, his fellow students are not supporting the case! Now, Swansea Institute are fighting his claim for damages and compensation for his health problems. The case is continuing. Link


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