Nov 9, 2007

"Frrrozen Haute Chocolate" - World's most expensive dessert

A New York restaurant has created the world's most expensive dessert. It is called as the "Frrrozen Haute Chocolate" and it will cost you £12,500! Can you believe this price?

Stephen Bruce, owner of Serendipity 3 in Manhattan's Upper East side, unveiled the £12,500 sundae that includes a blend of 28 rare, exotic cocoas. It is topped with whipped cream, sprinkled with 23-carat edible gold dust and a La Madeline au Truffle.

Besides the chocolate treat, the eater gets to take home the goblet it is served in, the diamond encrusted 18 carat gold spoon used to eat it and a gold ladies' bracelet.

Frrrozen Haute Chocolate has earned the official Guinness Records certificate for the world's most expensive dessert. Want to try it? via Annanova


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