Nov 22, 2007

The design for Spaceport America

A dream is becoming a reality! This is the Spaceport America, the World's first commercial spaceport. Work will start on this £15million terminal next year and it should be finished in 2010. It will be home to Virgin Galactic's fleet of spaceships, which will start test flights in a few months.

'The vision is truly out of this world,' said Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson. Spaceport America will house seven spacecraft, developed by Voyager designer Burt Rutan, in a 9,300sq m hangar under the main building.

The development 'will be as inspiring for the astronauts of the future as Burt Rutan's groundbreaking technology,' added Sir Richard.

There will also be training facilities for all the would-be orbitors, who have to spend three days getting ready for their trip. The structure will be dug into the New Mexico desert, so it is sheltered from the extreme climate and can harness wind for ventilation. Link


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