Nov 7, 2007

The Steampunk Tree House

Look at the image. It is the Steampunk Tree House - result of a project, that is beyond your imagination! The Steampunk Tree House is representative of a mutually beneficial relationship between people and nature: humans living in harmony with the planet and its natural elements.

The House component itself is built of recycled wood, styled after the Victorian age of architecture, H.G. Wells, and Jules Verne, wedded with the organic elements of nature. It’s a house of mystery both familiar and alien. Its surreal otherworldly d├ęcor invites its inhabitants to leave behind personal items, figurative pieces of themselves, memories of their childhood innocence, and invites them to release their thoughts and messages to be scribbled on the walls. Link

Some details about the Steampunk Tree House:
>Total height 30' tall
>Trunk height 15’
>Trunk dia, 2’ (6' total trunk dia. with outer skin)
>Total spread of branches 25' dia.
>Main structural support branches dia.: 15'
>Tree House component off of the ground: 15’
>House dimensions: 12'-15' octagonal / 15' tall
>Steel plate base 8'x8'
>Steel I-beam and tube steel outrigger system for a playa tie in 20'x20'

>3", 2" & 1" schedule 40 steel pipe
>24” dia. Steel pipe .375
>16 gauge sheet metal
>3/8" plate
>Tube steel
>Steel I-beams
>3/4" Plywood
>1/4" Plywood
>1/8” Luan
>Recycled construction & ornamental materials for house
>2x4 framing stock


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