Dec 6, 2007

£200 inside rotten fish!

A Chinese man found £200 in the belly of a rotten fish his dog had found in the rubbish. Mr Wang, of Huichun city, says he noticed his dog enjoying a fish, and, curious, decided to check it out.

"I lifted the fish, and saw it was already rotting. But then a package wrapped in oily paper dropped out. I used a stick to poke the package to make sure it wasn't a prank or something," he told the City Evening.

Wang says that when he saw money inside, he couldn't believe his eyes. The money came to 3,000 yuan, nearly £200.

"The fish must have been given to someone as a present. But I guess they didn't know about the money," he added.

Wang says he will return the money if anyone can correctly identify the colour and other characteristics of the package. Ananova


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