Dec 25, 2007

Dinosaurs will roam again!

Dinosaurs will roam again in this World! Restless Planet, a colossal project in Dubai will see hi-tech animatronic dinosaurs — including the dreaded Tyrannosaurus Rex wandering freely among visitors.

The creatures are so advanced that their breath will stink and they will react to visitors’ movements and even their clothing colour. The pterodactyls are designed to swoop, huge amphibians will power through lakes and herds of diplodocus are all set to roam the landscape.

The Restless Planet is due to open in Dubai in 2010. The Natural History Museum has been approached to make the dinosaurs because of its ground-breaking work in animatronics.

Director Audrey O’Connell said: “We want to create a hybrid of a theme park and a museum that will allow people to experience a Jurassic-era habitat.”

Palaeontologist Jack Horner, a consultant on Steven Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster Jurassic Park, is advising the museum. He said: “Jurassic Park was a drama. This time everyone wants it to be accurate.”

Restless Planet is set to be the size of around ten football pitches with two climate-controlled buildings, grassland and woodland divided into different time periods. Link


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