Dec 13, 2007

McCann's are gulity of abandoning Madeleine

The backlash against Madeleine McCann's parents gathered pace as the mayor of the town from which she disappeared described the unresolved case as 'a stain' on his community. Madeleine went missing from the holiday resort on May 3.

Manuel Domingues Borba, a former policeman, said Kate and Gerry McCann were "guilty at least" of abandoning their daughter. The mayor of Praia da Luz accused the couple of "extreme negligence" and said they should never have been allowed to leave Portugal. They are official suspects in the case for a reason, he added.

The mayor added: "The majority of locals, Portuguese and British too, all say that the parents created this situation. This tragedy occurred because of the parents. This case must be investigated to the last. We cannot pay for what they created." Link


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