Dec 13, 2007

Free runner jumps 50,000 metres

A brave teenager has jumped 50,000 metres without a parachute – and lived to tell the tale. But Lewis Byrne, 18, didn't hurl himself from a plane at high altitude. Instead, he leapt his way around 50,000sq m of the South Bank in Central London in an amazing demonstration of the urban craze known as 'free running'.

Also known as 'parkour', the sport involves scaling and vaulting obstacles such as rocks, benches and concrete walls. And in this particular instance, Mr Byrne's feet could not touch the ground.

A team accompanied the 18-year-old from Carshalton in Surrey on his odyssey to make sure he adhered to this rule – even when getting into a taxi. The free-running marathon was aimed at raising money to help No More Landmines clear a 50,000sq m unexploded minefield in Cambodia.

'The aim is to illustrate what life would be like if you couldn't touch the ground,' said the charity's chief fundraiser Becky Maynard. The charity hopes to raise £50,000 via Link


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