Dec 13, 2007

NASA picks Boeing for Ares I launcher

A new deal for Boeing! NASA completed a $13.6 billion contractor lineup for the new moon ship that will replace the space shuttle on Wednesday, with the selection of the Boeing Co. for development of the flight control system for the two stage Ares I launcher.

NASA chose the Boeing Co. and its Houston-based space exploration division for the $799.5 million contract to develop the guidance, navigation and control system of the rocket that will propel the Orion moon capsule into Earth orbit with astronauts.

Development of the moon ship was initiated in 2004, when President Bush directed NASA to retire the shuttle fleet by 2010 and prepare a successor spacecraft that could carry human explorers back to the moon by the end of the next decade to establish a lunar base. At current funding levels, NASA plans to begin flights of Orion to the space station with six astronauts in March 2015. link


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