Dec 16, 2007

Huge cell phone bill for using Internet!

A Canadian oil-field worker, stunned to get a C$85,000 ($83,700) cell phone bill, has had the charges reduced to C$3,400, but is still fighting them. Piotr Staniaszek, a 22-year-old oil and gas well tester in rural northwest Alberta, became a figure of international media attention this week when his father went to the press to complain about the size of his son's bill.

Staniaszek's father said his son thought he could use his new phone as a modem for his computer as part of his C$10 unlimited browser plan from Bell Mobility, a division of Bell Canada. He downloaded movies and other high-resolution files unaware of the charges they would incur.

According to his invoice, the son rang up C$60,000 in charges in November, and they have since climbed to C$85,000.

A Bell spokesman said the internet plan is not intended for downloading files to a computer, and that's clear in his contract. Link


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