Aug 25, 2008

Beijing Olympic Closing Ceremony Photos

The Beijing Olympic Games ended with an amazing closing ceremony. The closing ceremony began in the National Stadium, also known as the Bird's Nest, in northern Beijing at 8 p.m. on Sunday. The grand event began amid a display of fireworks that form a huge circle in the sky which symbolizes the complete success of the Beijing Games.

The countdown to the closing ceremony started from the number 29, indicating the 29th Olympic Games. All the audience joined the countdown from 10, while the numbers were displayed by firework explosions in the sky. About 7000 individuals took part in the closing ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games. If you missed it on the television, then this post is just for you. Take a look at these pictures from the closing ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games. Enjoy!

*Note: These photos are copyrighted by the respective agencies like Getty Images and AP. We are using them just for information purpose.


Anonymous said...

It was another spectacular production though not as amazing as the opening.

The Olympic flame may have been extinguished and the athletes have gone home, but in roughly a week’s time, another world-class competition will come alive in the same venues. Another group of world-class athletes are waiting in the wings, eagerly anticipating for their turn at the world stage of Beijing for the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games.

2008 Beijing Summer Paralympic schedule

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