Aug 10, 2008

First Commercial Cloning of Pet Dog

On Tuesday, a group of Scientists in South Korea revealed that they have completed the world's first commercial cloning of a pet dog. They cloned five identical copies of Booger, a pit bull terrier of Bernann McKinney, from California. RNL Bio, the company which arranged the cloning, said that it is now open for future bookings.

"Booger was my partner and my friend," Ms McKinney said, as she appeared with the five identical copies of her pet, in a press conference. She paid £25,000 for the cloning of Booger.

How the cloning was done? Scientists at Seoul National University created a number of embryos from the preserved skin cells taken from Booger's ear tissue before he died. The embryos were then implanted into two surrogate mother dogs. And three months later, the five puppies were born.


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