Aug 13, 2008

Wedding atop Blackpool Tower!

There are lots of interesting ways to make your wedding day more memorable. You can think about a wedding in the wings of flying aircraft. You can think about getting married at the top of the world. Or you can think about an under water marriage. Just use you imagination and many options are there for a special wedding! Am I right?

That's why the owners of the Blackpool Tower in Lancashire, England, are thinking about allowing it's open-air viewing platform for marriage ceremonies. Leisure Parcs, the owners of the tower have applied to a wedding licence following lots of enquiries by interested couples.

The Blackpool Tower was inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris and it is 158m (518ft 9 inches) tall. It was constructed in 1894 and is a prime tourist attraction in Blackpool. Well, the city council is yet to approve the licence for holding wedding ceremonies on top of Blackpool Tower. Once approved, I am sure that many couples will rush to this tower for a on air marriage! What you think?


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