Aug 15, 2008

Orion spacecraft launch delayed

NASA has announced that the launch of the Orion, the spacecraft designed to replace the space shuttle fleet, has been pushed back by one year. Now, NASA hopes that the Constellation Program will make its first flight to the International Space Station on or before 2014. Earlier the first flight of Orion was scheduled for September 2013.

The Orion is a part of the ambitious Constellation program, a NASA program that includes new launch vehicles and a lunar lander. As the present space shuttle fleet will be decommissioned in late September 2010, the new space crafts will re-supply the International Space Station and carry out other special missions such as landing on the moon. Until the Orion space crafts enters into service, NASA will have to depend on Russian Soyuz spacecrafts for supplying astronauts aboard the ISS.


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