Aug 13, 2008

Interesting Discussion Forum

If you want to express your thoughts and take part in interesting discussions then give MindsUnite a try. What is MindsUnite? It is an unique discussion forum where one can talk about anything from philosophy to politics and from religion to other social issues. The most interesting point that makes MindsUnite different from other forums is that you can Post without Joining.

Yes, this is an unique approach for a discussion forum. Have something to say or something to ask? Just write down your words and post it. Want to reply to some questions? Just write down your answer and submit it, even without registering for an account.

Well, if you want, you can register for a free account with Registered members will get their own profiles from where they can create questions and polls. The profile page displays the questions and polls created by the user, besides showing the brief introduction, list of friends and favorite links. You can also search for members and discussions by using the search feature. Give it a try!


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