Aug 15, 2008

Sandy Allen - World's Tallest Woman dies at 53

Sandy Allen, the World's tallest woman is no more. She died at the age of 53 on Wednesday, in an Indiana nursing home. Sandy Allen was 7-foot, 7-inch (2.32 metre) tall and was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the "World's Tallest Woman".

Allen was born on June 18, 1955, in Chicago. A tumour on her pituitary gland caused the abnormal growth of her height. She had surgery on the gland at age 22. In her later years, Allen used a wheelchair because her legs and back could not support her tall stature in a standing position. Because of this physical limitation, she spent her last years in Shelbyville, Indiana, in a retirement center. The Indianapolis Star reported that Allen died early in the morning of August 13, 2008.

She appeared in the Academy Award-winning Italian film Il Casanova di Federico Fellini, in a TV movie called Side Show, and in a Canadian/American documentary film called Being Different. Split Enz, a music band from New Zealand, immortalized her with the song "Hello Sandy Allen".


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