Aug 1, 2008

Zimbabwe $100 Billion Note - A Collectors Item!

Zimbabwe is facing hyperinflation and according to the official figures, the inflation rate is 2.2 million percent. The situation is so worse that the Central Bank of Zimbabwe issued a 100 biillion dollar note in July, 2008.

The Z$100 billion note is the highest currency denomination in circulation and it is becoming popular among the currency collectors all around the world. On eBay, a Z$100 billion note has already attracted some good bids. Notes of $50 billion and Z$25 billion are also up for sale. The interesting point is that the real value of the Z$100 billion note is just Z$10 or hardly US$1!

Why these notes are becoming favorite among colectors. The reason is simple. They are not like the traditional bank notes and have date of issue and date of expiry printed on them. Those notes are valid only till the end of 2008. And after their expiry period they will be replaced by new notes and coins. So, they are definitely precious for collectors.


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