Aug 12, 2008

Crocs Sandals banned in Austrian Hospitals

Health officers in Austria have banned the use of Crocs sandals in hospitals. Why? Because, these trendy sandals can generate massive amounts of static electricity, which is not favorable for the patients. The health safety officers warns that the static electricity produced by these sandals may increase the chances of heart attack in patients. Even the static electricity discharge could wipe out the computer memories and data processing functions of life-saving equipments, which will make them useless.

Vienna's biggest hospital - SMZ Ost has already banned the shoes from operating theaters and the casualty department in their hospital. The Viennese Hospital Authority safety spokesman Peter Woelfl said Crocs would stay banned until they could be made anti-static.

On the other hand, Ernst Widmann, the head of Crocs in Austria, thinks that this is an insane decision and he haven't heard of a single incident where Crocs caused a critical incident in hospitals. What you think about this? Can these trendy sandals really create some problem to the patients?


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