Aug 31, 2008

World's Largest Digging Machine Photos

Take a look at the machine in the picture above. This is the World's Largest Digging Machine (or trencher or rotating shovel). It's height is 95 meters and it's total length is 215 meters. This giant machine was built by a German company named "Krupp". It took about 5 years to design the machine and the manufacture cost was more than $100 million.

The weight of this giant Digging machine is about 45,500 tons. It is used in digging coal, rock and earth. It's maximum digging speed is 10 meters per minute. It can move more than 76,000 cubic meters of coal, rock, and earth per day. Take a look at the following pictures of this giant digging machine.


rylie.winn said...

I would NOT want to make the person operating that thing angry.

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