Aug 7, 2008

Marriage on Wings of Flying Plane

A daring couple from Lancashire tied the knot at 1,000ft altitude. Can you believe this? Take a look at the picture. The dare-devil couple used three aircraft for this ceremony. The groom, Darren McWalters, 24, stood on the top wing of a biplane while his bride, Katie Hodgson, 23, flew alongside on the wing of an identical aircraft in full bridal gown. And Rev George Bringham, 67, was on the wings of a third plane that flew ahead of the other two aircraft.

The odd marriage ceremony took place above Rencomb airfield, in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. About 50 close family members and friends watched the ceremony from the airstrip and heard their vows over sets of loud speakers. Jets of white smoke fired from the back of the aircraft as the couple exchanged their vows. AP

Interesting! Isn't it? Watch the video below to get a taste of the marriage ceremony.


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