Aug 9, 2008

Dog swallows 2 feet long stick!

A hungry dog in UK swallowed a two feet long stick and survived. Can you believe this? Sounds strange, but it is true. According to Metro, Hector, a Great Dane puppy, swallowed a 62cm long conifer branch while playing in the garden of his home in Wheathampstead, Herts. Still he was good and took dinner as usual. So, the owner remained unaware about the stick inside Hector's stomach until next morning when he refused to take breakfast.

So, Pamela Panting, the owner, took Hector to the Royal Veterinary College. Then x-ray report revealed that a massive stick is sitting inside the stomach of the one year old dog. Luckily, veterinary surgeons succeeded in removing the conifer branch using long forceps and Hector got just a few scratches in his mouth. The pup is now fine and recovering. Well, the two feet long stick cost more that £2,000 to the owner in form of veterinary bills!


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