Nov 5, 2007

Dog owner fined and banned by Court

An Auckland man has received a hefty fine and has been banned from owning an animal for four years after failing to seek veterinary treatment for his dog. The SPCA found the skinny Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross with a colon five times its normal size and unable to defecate requiring surgery. It determined the dog would have suffered considerable pain due to the condition, yet its owner failed to take it to the vet or address the issue of its rapid and obvious weight loss.

Auckland District Court Judge Moore told a hearing it would have been obvious the dog needed help as you could clearly see every rib and its spine.

The Mount Roskill man pleaded guilty to one charge under the 1999 Animal Welfare Act of failure to provide vet treatment and received a $2,500 fine. Link

*image is just for indication


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