May 6, 2008

A blog about Web Design

I love to surf the internet. Ask me why? I love to discover new websites and blogs. Discovering a new, useful site always thrills me and encourages me to continue surfing in search of new sites. My favorite topics includes animals, design, internet, news, web development etc. Recently, I discovered an interesting blog about an interesting topic. So, I thought that I must share it with my readers. That's why I am writing this blog post.

The blog that I am talking about is Stylish Design ( and it is a blog about web design and other related topics. The first thing, that caught my attention was the blog design. It is a simple but elegant design and I really like it. The blog promises to provide information about web design, search engine optimization, website templates, CSS, web directories, important software etc.

After reading a few blog posts, I realized that Robert and Andrei, the authors of this blog are serious about their business. Articles like "How they succeeded?" can inspire many people. This blog also tries to cover other important topics like database backup solutions and AdWords. I hope that readers will like them.

The Stylish Design blog consists of 6 different categories - Internet, Featured Articles, How To, SEO, Tools and Web Design. So, it is a well categorised blog. The blog also used tags and shows them in the form of "Tag Cloud" on the sidebar. It will help the readers to find the right article, that they want to read. Also, it has a search feature to help them.

But, the about page of Stylish Design blog disappointed me. It seems to be a completely untouched static web page. The blog authors must not forget that this page is important for various reasons. So, I would suggest them to write at least one paragraph about their blog, on the about page.

In the end, I would say that the Stylish Design blog could provide you some good information, if you are interested about web design, search engines, servers, web tools etc. Check it today!


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