May 13, 2008

The WorldWide Telescope

A good news for star grazers! After years of research and testing, Microsoft Corp has released the WorldWide Telescope software for public download. This unique software will allow everyone to easily explore galaxies, star system and other distant planets. So, the WorldWide Telescope will provide you free tours of the space!

But, how this free software will work? Actually, the WorldWide Telescope takes images from several world-class telescopes including the Hubble Space Telescope, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory Center and the Spitzer Space Telescope. Then it combines them together into a seamless virtual night sky you can navigate with the help of your mouse. You can click on celestial objects to get more information, from the program itself or from the Web. Even you can figure out what the night sky will look like from your location.

Microsoft said it will release the WorldWide Telescope free of charge as a tribute to Jim Gray, a Microsoft researcher who went missing off the coast of California while sailing last year. Gray worked on projects with astronomers to organize the vast amounts of data and images being pulled from satellites.

You can download the WorldWide Telescope from


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